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About Us

Brian Collier
Owner | President

     Brian has worked with some of the largest companies in the world such as Coca-Cola, 3M, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Apple, Intel, various Government groups, NASA, John Deere, Amazon, Tesla and much more helping them incorporate 2D/3D design, manufacturing and printing into their processes. He has sold millions of dollars worth of 3D printers, services and parts, nonetheless realized he could better serve companies like yours by offering 2D/3D design & 3D printing services.

That’s why he decided to launch this business.

     Then came the challenge of choosing a name. If you’ve started a business before, you know how difficult this can be. Brian’s son’s favorite fish is the barracuda which represents fearlessness and power and his middle name is Steele. Brian decided to put the two together to form a superhero name for his son and that eventually became the name of the business.

     People often ask why he chose to spell Barricuda with an “i” and that’s exactly why it was spelled that way. It creates instant contrast which leads to curiosity and interest and leaves an impression. It worked didn’t it?

He graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with an BS in Aerospace Studies.

Since graduating from ERAU, he has been involved with the aerospace, consumer and industrial sectors.

Who does Barricuda Steele serve?

     We are currently working with fortune 500 companies in the main sectors of Aerospace, Government, Healthcare, Automotive(including electric), Medical Devices, Industrial and Consumer products.  We have over 18 various 3d printer types in house or available with various partners to help meet your needs such as FDM, SLS, Polyjet, SLA, DMLS, DLP, PBF, MBJ, MJF, EBM and more.  Can print parts with various plastics, rubber, engineered plastics, high temp plastics, various elasticities and various metals. Part printing size capabilities from 1/4″ to 36″ in height and same for length or more.

     We can become your primary source for 2D/3D Design, Assembly, CNC, Paint, Manufacturing, 3D printed prototypes/functional/production parts or we can handle your overflow or specific needs that you can’t produce in-house. We’ve built our business to serve companies at any stages of their 3D journey. If you are just starting to explore what it can do for you then we’re here to help. On the flip side, if you’re already running a 3D printing lab but just need to offload some parts, then look no further.

Jeremy Jones
Electrical & Mechanical Design

     Jeremy a key member of Barricuda Steele provides CAD design services as well as CNC machining, Electrical and Mechanical design and manufacturing, including setting up a complete additive manufacturing work shop. He previously worked at the CDC and has strong contacts and knowledge within CDC, FDA, NIH and more.  He’s known for being an innovative problem solver who thinks outside the box. Whatever stage you’re at in the design process, Jeremy can help you move the project across the finish line.

     If you need parts produced that are beyond the capabilities of 3D printing, we have CNC machining equipment and can complete your order fast.


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