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3D Printer Brokerage

We help broker deals so if you’re selling or looking to purchase a 3D printer, look down below or get in touch to see what we have available for you or can find for you.

Selling a 3D Printer?

Selling your 3D Printer can be difficult. We specialize in connecting the right people with the right 3D printer. We have a proven sales track record so let us help you!  We charge a 15% finders fee.

Buying a 3D Printer?

Review the hotttt items below or keep checking back to view the available inventory. If you have a specific 3D printer you’re interested in buying, we can also help you find the best possible deal.


We have been around 3D printing long enough to know a good deal when we see one. If you are looking to sell your 3D printer, contact us now to find out how it works to have us assist you in finding a buyer.


We are well connected to both buyers & sellers of 3D printers. Working with us gives you the advantage of tapping into this network.


We know this technology well. That's why we are able to help you determine a fair and attractive price to help you sell your printer quickly.


We put a lot of effort into marketing and you will see the benefit from it. It's all about getting eyes on your products and your printer is no different.


We regularly run ads and send mailing list updates to our audience. We also plan to increase our advertising budget in 2023 so let's get started!

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