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Here are a few of the many industries who turn to Barricuda Steele for CAD design, 3D printing, CNC machining, and 3D printer material sales.

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The automotive industry was one of the first to embrace 3D printing technology. Here are a few of the many applications that have changed the industry forever.


Functional Prototyping for form, fit & function testing.


Vehicle assembly tools & fixtures with ergonomics in mind

Marketing & Sales Models

Pre-production components for early photography, video & car shows.


The aerospace industry has very strict requirements when it comes to flight hardware. Because of this, 3D printing took quite a bit longer to make an impact on this industry. Now, there are several approved 3D printing materials so it has become a key component in aircraft manufacturing & repairs.

Testing & validation

Scale models for wind tunnel & other types of testing.

Production Tooling

Tooling (drill guides, paint masks, alignment fixtures, etc).

End-use Parts

Airflow ducts, brackets, housings, enclosures, bezels, etc.

Military & Defense

3D printed parts have made their way from Military bases all the way to the front lines. The results of this have led to a major shift in the way equipment repairs and new developments are being made.


Functional parts to replace aging and obsolete equipment components.

Tools & Gear

Ergonomic grips & tools for soldiers to increase efficiency while still providing them with what they need.

Marketing & Sales Models

Pre-production components for early photography, video & car shows.

Consumer Goods

This applies to everything from Kickstarter campaigns from inventors who make one product to companies who mass produce the components we all use and love.

Functional Prototypes

Functional prototypes for advanced testing.

Product Development

Respond to customer needs quickly and develop new products and upgrades faster.

Production Aids

End of arm tooling for robot gripping machines and custom assembly line guides and guards.


Car racing teams heavily lean on 3D printing for testing and production components for their cars. Speed is everything so the faster a car can be upgraded or repaired, the better.

Organic Shapes

Everything in a race car is packed in tightly with little room for making changes. 3D printing allows you to print custom components that fit in these tight spaces.


Every 1/10th of a second in time savings is a big deal in racing. By reducing part weight with 3D printed parts, cars gain an increase in speed giving them a huge advantage.

Repairs & Upgrades

Printing upgrades & replacement parts can happen as soon as the need is discovered. This reduction in time and part cost gives drivers a huge advantage.


Advances in surface finish, print time & materials have allowed dental labs to start 3D printing components for an ever-growing number of applications.

Surgical Guides

Dental procedures have been dramatically improved as more and more practices have turned to 3D printed surgical guides.

Dentures & Try-ins

What used to require several visits is now being accomplished in less time. 3D printing has changed the way dentures are created and the proper fit is accomplished.


3D scanning & printing are now being used to create the perfect fit for braces. New scans at various stages of the process can be printed to make adjustments to the course of the treatment.


Patient care has changed so much thanks to advances in 3D technology. Procedures are less invasive and faster and lives that would have been lost now have a much better chance at being saved.


Orthotics & prosthetics can be customized to the patient more than ever before.

Anatomical models

Advances in materials allow medical facilities to print true-to-life anatomical models for research and practice.

Surgical Prep

Surgical preparation models can be printed to help communicate a patient's specific conditions. This helps the medical team and can also help explain procedures to the patient.


3D technology has given tomorrow’s engineers the ability to design, validate & produce tangible items while they learn about the past, present & future of Engineering.


There's no better way to learn about physical things than by having a physical representation of that thing. 3D printing helps educate students about how things work.

Tangible Learning

Engineering students utilize 3D printing to print and test models they design. This allows them to fail faster and creates a deeper sense of accomplishment when they can hold their own design in their hands.

Commercial Partnerships

Corporate companies often turn to universities to assist them with real world projects. Being able to work with them to design, test & modify parts gives the student real-life experience they will be able to apply in the workforce.

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